Some publications

Professor Peter J Goodhew FREng

From in 1968, to 40 years later

I seem to have written quite a lot over the years. Some of my output is listed below.
Not all of it has stood the test of time, but I'm quite proud of some of the papers and books
(not always those which have been most often cited).

I calculate that I have written about 2000 published pages (in books and research papers) over a career
of about 10,000 working days. Having at last done this calculation I find myself asking: "Why only one page per week?"
I know that I did a lot of other things - including teaching, writing software, managing teams of academics,
and even occasionally thinking - but even so this seems a paltry rate of production.


Research papers

Light-hearted (and some not so light-hearted) stuff

It is always a struggle to get one's writing read. Even the most thoughtful, rigorous paper in a prestigious journal
might only attract a handful of readers. As a rather depressing rule of thumb I suggest that the less rigorous and
well-referenced your work is, the more readers you are likely to attract. My books and my light-hearted pieces probably
have more readers than the whole of my refereed output.
Some ideas are hard to get published. For instance I have written pieces on topics which challenge establishment thinking and
(unsurprisingly I suppose) the establishment is not keen to publish them. One example is a piece on the undesirability of economic growth.
I feel very strongly that the conventional wisdom that "growth is the only way out of the depression" is fundamentally flawed,
certainly in the long term.
If you are interested, you can download this short piece here.

Stimulated by studying a MOOC on climate change in 2014, I wrote an open letter to my children and grandchildren.
It's rather gloomy, because my prognosis for the world in the long term is gloomy, but I think it needs saying.
You can find it here

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