Interests and enthusiasms

Peter Goodhew, citizen of Waverton, likes (in alphabetical order):

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Atheism - I cannot understand the need for, or usefulness of, any religious belief.
Education - Higher Education is what I know, but primary might be more important
Engineering - Even a metallurgist can appreciate other great achievements!
Electron microscopy; analytical TEM and STEM, EDX and EELS
Global warming - with sustainability the most importance issue of our age
Music, especially classical and opera but also embracing jazz, folk and popular
Narrowboats - gave ten years of fun but we have not owned one since 2000
Opera, but only if I can hum the tunes so I prefer Puccini, Verdi, Mozart and Wagner
Reading - novels are my first love, but I also depress myself about global warming
Running - I used to run a lot, up to half-marathon distance, but no longer.
Speaking - I like a captive audience. This is probably why I am an academic.
Ties - if there are still occasions when we wear ties, they should entertain ...
... visually, aesthetically or verbally. Bland ties are definitely not to my taste.
Walking - the only aerobic exercise I seem to be capable of nowadays.
Warm water - I'm lucky not to have been in hot water, despite my utterances
Wood turning - I produce plenty of mediocre bowls on the lathe in my garage.
World View - My world view is still evolving, with multiple influences.


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