Teaching Engineering

Professor Peter J Goodhew FREng

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First edition (2010) ............................................. Second edition (2014)

I wrote this slim book in order to de-mystify the teaching of engineering in universities.
It is an attempt to explain, without much jargon, why it is important and how it can be greatly improved without much effort or expense.
A little of the educational background is explained, but I have deliberately made it easy to skip these bits!

Teaching Engineering (2010 first edition) can be downloaded as a pdf (free of cost - it is an Open Educational Resource) from here
- it takes some time to download. I have very few paper copies left.

It is time for a second edition so I have devised a more fluid version, with support from The Royal Academy of Engineering.
I is an on-line text to which readers can add comments (alternative approaches, better examples, additional tips etc)
from which one can obtain a bound book by selecting "print on demand". In this way the text will not be frozen in time
(and will no doubt be greatly improved by the comments of others).

The final blog-based version of the book, is now published.
Go to teachingengineering.liv.ac.uk to review the text and add your suggestions.

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